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All of these trainings and courses are designed to help you make/save/keep more money. Future courses will cover many financial subjects:


  • Investing in the stock market for beginners
  • Comprehensive stock valuation course
  • My stock research and live private stock portfolio moves

Personal Finance

  • New graduate financial checklist
  • Comprehensive personal finance course
  • Tax strategy guide (USA only)

Financial Independence / Early Retirement

  • Quick start guide to financial independence
  • Advanced strategies for financial independence

Passive Income

  • My YouTube Academia

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Your Instructor

Michael Jay
Michael Jay

My name is Michael and I have spent the last eight years studying investing and finance. Using this knowledge, I was able to build a six-figure net worth by age 24. I have several years of experience in the financial industry but my true passion is helping others learn to invest and build wealth.

You can join me and over 50,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel: Michael Jay - Value Investing.

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